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Off Campus Living

Deciding where to live is a critical move that should not be taken lightly. You are about to move into a building where you expect to enjoy the company of your friends, cook your meals, sleep, and yes, even study. This is a serious step that has potential for creating great lifetime memories, leaving deep scars, or exposing you to possible life threatenting situations.

The Off Campus Student Resident Task Force has compiled a number of resources available on this site to aid you through an evaluation process that could save you a lot of grief and help you decide whether the building or new apartment is a safe place to live.

Things to Ask a Landlord:
  • Is this a Licensed Rental unit?
  • Does my apartment have a working Smoke Alarm?
  • Do you supply a fire escape ladder for upper floor apartments?
  • Is the kitchen equipped with a usable fire extinguisher?
  • Do you have the furnace inspected every year?
  • Does the apartment have a CO detector?

Ask Yourself:
  • Will I change the battery in my smoke alarm when it chirps?
  • Do I have Renter’s Insurance?
  • Will I blow out the candles before I leave the room or fall asleep?
  • Will I remember to check for smoldering or burning trash after a party?
  • Will I make sure all appliances (curling irons, clothes dryer) are turned OFF before I leave?
  • Will I always evacuate for a fire alarm – any time, any place?
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